Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Brookline Booksmith In the News

We've gotten some awfully great press lately and I just wanted to share how exciting it is to everyone here. We think we're awfully cool (well, I'm not so cool, but the store is!), so it's nifty when others agree! Read on...

** April's Boston magazine lists "The 61 New Best Things About Boston." Coming it at #36 is the poet Charles Coe, who kindly tips his hat to Brookline Booksmith and McIntyre and Moore as two of the best things in Boston. Thanks Mr. Coe!

**April's Lola magazine features Hannah Richards, founder of The Colored Pencil Project. They asked her to list the ten things in Boston she can't live without. Number one? Killing time at Brookine Booksmith! Ms. Richards made our day when she said "I love everything about it--the creaky floors [note--glad someone likes 'em...], the sales in front, the staff." Aww, thanks. We love you too!

**Boston.com listed "25 Things to Do in Boston for Under $25" and coming in at #13 is attend a book reading at the Booksmith or the Harvard Book Store, our friends across the river. Cool!

**And last, but not least, just as Alie was recently featured in the Boston Globe's Book Reviews for her "Pick of the Week," this past Sunday was Dana's turn in the sun. She recommended Mudbound by Hillary Jordan. You can read what she said here (just scroll to the bottom).

Not too shabby, my friends, not too shabby. (By the way, I'm grinning like a fool.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lori
I recently returned to Boston after 13 years away. It was a sweet homecoming to revisit Brookline Booksmith and discover new books, better lighting, and to tread the unchanged and beloved creaky floorboards. The store has retained its originality and that is a sign of genius in this time of homogenous superstores. I'm so glad to be back and to make my way with joyful noise through your aisles!