Friday, January 8, 2010

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello From The Basement!

Oh! Hello. My name is Carl. I work in the used book department. Been here for nigh on ten years. If you had a baby the day I started working here, that child is probably, lets see, carry the decimal ... like, I don't know, eight years old now? (I rounded up). Anyways, my function here will be to post news relevant to the exciting field of used book buying. I'll also be posting about my other true loves: typography & book production. Every day I see a new and interesting use of a font or layout which I then photocopy and bring home. Its one of the true perks of this gig besides the crazy amount of me-time I'm afforded. I would say 75% of my day is spent exploring the inner sanctums of my mind. The other 25% is broken up thusly:
    Actual work.
    Intense font/design analysis.
    Remembering the names of my coworkers.
    Answering emails.
    Critiquing cover art.
    Avoiding eye contact.
    Wearing plaid

Until next time,

I leave you with this: Ye Old Telephone Book Directory!