Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Post-Potter Pick #1

The Secret Country
(Book One in the Eidolon Chronicles)
Jane Johnson

I know you're all wondering what to read next. And everyone is giving suggestions left and right. But, my friends, this is the one you want! I loved this when it came out in hardcover last year and now that it's in paperback there is no excuse for you not to pick it up for your favorite middle-grade reader (or, quite frankly, yourself).

The Secret Country begins when our hero Ben encounters a talking cat in a pet shop. Soon he is finding magical creatures everywhere – unicorns, wood-sprites, and dragons, all kidnapped from the magical world of Eidolon. Will he be able to help them return home?

Parents beware: This is the kind of story that will have your kids staying up late, reading with a flashlight under the covers.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the great book suggestions. I'd like to return the favor and suggest the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series as the Potter replacement. The first three are outstanding, each better than the prior one. I know a number of 3rd/4th grade boys, as well as at least one 41 year old mom, who would agree!