Monday, August 13, 2007

Final Exam

Alie left for her summer vacation last week and won't be back until next Monday. So for the past week and the next I'll be on my own. I've done some distributor orders on my own in the past, occasionally a publisher order, but this is the first time I've been left in charge of the whole thing. Yipes! Labor Day will be my first-year anniversary here at Brookline Booksmith, and I feel like this is my final exam--showing what I've learned about ordering, cancelling, keeping new title inventory at the right levels. Can I handle it all? I think I'm passing so far...

So my apologies for not checking in last week (I'm beginning to think a constant aspect of blogging must be apologizing for NOT blogging...sigh). I think I'll have a bit more time this week, I feel a bit more in control of what's going on and even though Alie is still away other folks are back from their vacations so that I won't be needed on the floor quite so often (though being in this basement office on my own is a bit lonely--I like spending a bit of time on the floor everyday).

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