Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What I've Been Up To Lately...

Dear Lord, how did it get to be nearly the end of January already?

It's funny, this is a slower time for the store in general, but here in the basement we are SUPER busy with our buying season, looking at what's coming up for the spring and summer. So far I've seen our reps from Macmillan, Perseus, the University of Chicago Press, Wiley, and Hachette. I'll try to give you my picks from each soon.

Right now I am super-psyched as I'm getting ready to head down to Louisville, Kentucky for the American Bookseller's Association's Winter Institute. I think it's just the break/energizer I need. And lucky you--you'll get to find out all about it! My present to myself this Hanukkah was a pretty new laptop and she'll get to take her very first trip with me tomorrow when I bring her along! So look for some posts from an exhausted but jazzed bookseller over the next few days.

More soon!