Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little House on the Prarie--The Musical!

Growing up I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder and all her Little House books (I still dress up as Laura for Halloween). My friend Elly loved L.M. Montgomery and all her Anne books. I remember our arguments over which books were better, which while not quite of the my-dad-can-beat-up-your-dad variety were pretty close.

Anne of Green Gables turns 100 this year and has been getting a lot of media attention as a result. Much to my immature delight, however, there was an article in yesterday's New York Times about a new musical version of Little House on the Prairie opening at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Ha! Take that Anne!


Prairie Rose said...

Which do you like best, Aunt Lotty, Anne books or Laura books?

I like both kinds best.


Cricket said...

ok, the really funny thing... My good friend is working on this show. She's the sound board op for the sound effects. I am getting all the behind the scenes scoops if you want to hear some! Such a small world!!