Monday, April 6, 2009

Galley Grab!

Hmm, well, as Katie outed me for giving away galleys here on the blog I'd better try to catch my audience while I can. Here are two books that both have to do with reading...something I figure if you're reading my blog then you're, you know, pretty into doing.

You or Someone Like You by Chandler Burr describes the life of Anne Rosenbaum, wife of a movie mogul, after she is asked to lead a book group for Hollywood power-brokers. This might sound zany, but in fact it's pretty heavy. Read an excerpt here.

How to Buy a Love of Reading is a debut novel by Tanya Egan Gibson about parents aghast at their daughter's lack of interest in reading who attempt to combat this by hiring an author to write the perfect novel for her (this one is a bit zany). Read more at the book's website here.

Want one? Leave me a comment with your first name so I can put it on hold for you. I have a few copies of the Burr, only one of the Gibson. Small print: First come, first served. One per person, please. If you've just recently won a galley, maybe hold off on this round, ok?

PS--I'll be leaving for Detroit on Wednesday for a bit of a Passover vacation so if I don't get to your comments right away, please do be patient. Thanks!


Melanie said...

It would be great if I could get How to Buy a Love of Reading. Thank you!

Deb said...

I would love the Burr! My name is Deb!