Sunday, February 21, 2010

Babies and Books

This is my first ever blog post (is that what it's called?).  As the senior member of our blogging team at age 61 with 29 years at Booksmith, I'm reflecting this morning on all the wonderful folks who've worked here with me over the years.  As it is stated on our bookmarks, 9 couples have met here and gone on to marry.  Bookstores can be very romantic places, you know.  Many of those couples now have kids.  Just last evening, one of our assistant managers and her husband and son welcomed a new baby boy into the world.  And, mind you, she was at work on Friday morning.  Such is her passion for and dedication to her bookselling life.  She's the third person within the year among our crew to have her second child.   I love that our work environment includes a big family element.   I'm convinced the world of physical bookstores will go on so we need this next generation of booksellers in the wings.

Besides the parents in our midst, the group of about 30 of us includes artists, musicians, poets, authors, dog raisers, gardeners, woodworkers, handmade book makers, comedians, social workers, film critics, athletes, naturalists, librarians, animal activists,  and environmentalists.  The store has always been known for its personality and humor.  Well, there you go!

Going back to the physical bookstore concept, I'm mindful of what an experience it is to know our ever-interesting  cast of players.  To my mind, there will never be a substitute for mixing, in person, customers and booksellers and books.   For all the buzz about ebooks and devices for reading them, I aim to keep this live, tangible place thriving for all who know and love it.


Paul Theriault said...

welcome, dana!

Barbara said...

How true, how true. Thank you for your thoughtful and loving reminders Dana!