Saturday, October 9, 2010

Small talk with strangers at weddings --or-- is girdle really the right word?

I will get off my shift today, run home to an Irish shower, slap on a dress (that I am now most certainly too bloated to really sport with any modicum of visual success) and go off with my fella to his pal's wedding. We will sit at a table full of people I do not know, with god willing an open bar and decent albeit olive oil rich wedding grub. What to talk about? What to say? In these situations you have one of two about what you are reading, talk about what you are watching. Here is my practice run.

Hi! My name is Kate... Did you watch this week's Biggest Loser?
I did! It made my Sicilian pizza taste so much better to watch those good people working so hard.

What's that?
You don't own a TV?
(this is where I add up the steps to the bar with a near rodentine ferocity)
...ahhh well then....Have you read anything good lately? Me? Well I'm really into the Room yea...I'm also very into the poetry of Cate Marvin
Oh! You're going to show me pictures of your great nieces? Wonderful.
Sure I can cut your beef for you mam.
Yes I agree, when dancing one should always leave room for the holy spirit.
Yes I'd love a picture of the two of us...sure I'll meet your grandson; he sounds enchanting? I do love a man in head gear.
This will go well. I can feel it.
I suppose it is good for me to get out.

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