Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I work with some pretty excellent ladies and dudes

We, the staff of Brookline Booksmith, just had our annual "holiday" party a couple of days ago at a local bar/restaurant. As the night got going with the Patriots playoff game on TV in the background I took a couple of moments to look at everyone assembled. Such a variety of people with different interests and talents, some with significant others we were meeting for the first or tenth time. And a lot of laughing and hugging was going on. Our awesome assistant manager was there after a two week absence; she'd been off pursing her writing talents in a graduate program. Newer employees were at their first party, hopefully one of many. Our beloved high school students were there, too, right alongside veterans of 15 or more years. People who don't often work the same schedule were chatting and catching up, and old friends returned as guests even though they don't work at the store anymore. Buyers and events managers and computer guy and receivers and special orders guy and kids-book-experts and card-and-gift-room-mavens and regular old booksellers were all there, having a good time. A few people couldn't make it (due to stupid germs!) and they were missed.

In those moments of observation I thought, wow, we really like each other. (I don't think it was the alcohol talking - it was too early in the night for that.) We have a good group. And I think that's one of the reasons why you all like to shop here. We've got a good vibe going on. Plus some pretty great books and gifts. (Okay, not to sound overly-rosey, we do sometimes get on each other's nerves, but what big group of people doesn't?)

The annual Yankee swap started and the prize of the night was a handmade painting of a clown atop a pig. The competition was fierce - almost everyone wanted that painting. I think it went around 8 times before it finally found its home. Personally, I had my eyes on a set of mugs but it was not to be. I went home with four boxes of animal crackers. But I wouldn't want it any other way. (Though it would have been nice if the Patriots had won.....)

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