Friday, November 4, 2011

See, Spot, Read

This post is the first in a series from the Used Book Cellar highlighting books that tickle each of the five senses. I'm starting with sight. Lately we've gotten a lot of great field guides in from all kinds of genres and time periods. Y'know, the kind of books that help you spot things. Or at least illustrate things visually that you might not be able to see every day.

So. You're reading Dune for the 18th time. You pick it up every year right when the first snow hits New England. You gotta get away; gotta get to Arrakis. Hot. Sultry. Dry. Sandy. You get to that cool part with the Navigators, and you're all like, "man, I read this book every year but I still cannot correlate in my BRAIN what these things look like." Man. I feel ya. I got the book for you, though. This comprehensive, illustrated-in-color-and-researched-to-the-gills field guide to all extraterrestrials from the sci-fi canon is only $7 and will help you spot a Heinlein alien from a Poul Anderson one if you ever go intergalactic. Or it could be a handy reference as you get started on your intricate costume design for next Halloween.

We got four volumes of this pocket Gold Nature Guide series from the 60s; Flowers, Fishing, Gamebirds and Trees. Each has great, almost full-page illustrations with a handy amount of information. The binding is surprisingly tight and all books are in great condition. The size is perfect for walking around with, or they won't take up too much space in your studio if you want to use them for reference in your illustrations. OR hack them up and get decoupage-ing.
Rounding out the crème de la crème of UBC field guides is this rare gem: a comprehensive guide to identifying--in the field--stray shopping carts throughout Eastern North America. Ever spotted a stray shopping cart but been unable to identify whether it's currently in use as a receptacle, or whether it's decomposing due to natural forces? What if it's languishing on an Allston street corner because the wheel lock caught and it was found outside its 2-block radius OR it was the victim of some hesher's careless joy ride? Never be caught unawares again! Carry this handsome guide with you always and be an Urban Audubon to friends and passerby everywhere!

Tune in next week as we gear up for Thanksgiving week's post on TASTE, with a post on SOUND.

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