Monday, September 3, 2012

Poses & Proses: It's National Yoga Month!!!

September is National Yoga Month!!!!

And our yoga section is looking mighty fine. This time of year is perfect for preparing and cementing into habit your indoor workout routine. There are tons of studios around Coolidge Corner for you to get your zen on, and plenty of books and tools for you to set up your own home practice with here at the store. Can I recommend Barbara Benagh? She is just down the road, and my good-Krishna is she an amazing yoga guide. Check her out here.

I just finished week one of yoga teacher training at Back Bay Yoga. I'm still digesting the experience, and all the reading we did. The first book we are charged in committing to memory is :

This book is a hoot. Seriously; the introduction alone is worth the price. The book is chock-full of amazing photos capturing each pose in all it's jaw dropping glory. There is so much to this book, it has something for the historian, the sociologist, the health-nut and of course the Yogi. Concepts from the Yamas and Niyamas creep their way into every other thought I have, and I can't help but reluctantly make little changes that make me a more tolerable person to be around. If you are an angry driver, a clothing hoarder, or a netflix bum: this is the only self-help book you need. If you want to read more about my chubby awkward journey into the yoga teaching world, *you can read more here.*

Did I mention this is available in paperback? Did I also mention Mz. Ana will be joining us Saturday December 8th at 5pm for a reading? This is way cool and way rare, so put it in your calendar, and get limber. In honor of labor day, I will get back to work. Enjoy your day and come visit me soon!

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