Friday, May 31, 2013

1,000 Drunken Bunny Rabbits

The Used Book Cellar just recently acquired the Popol Vuh - the ancient book of Mayan origins. In it, you get to learn about Centzon Totochtin, the god of wine and revelry whose physical form takes the shape of 1,000 drunken bunny rabbits! Sunday school would have been so much cooler if we got to learn about him.

And just like Centzon Totochtin, we have thousands of awesome things in the UBC this week:

  • Tons and TONS and TOOONS of science and math books acquired only yesterday. Get here fast to scope 'em out but do NOT drink and derive. 

  • Another person's move is your goldmine, a really nice fella sold off so many super sweet comics (including Promethea by Alan Moore one of my alltime favorites) so come get at 'em before the weekend crowds hit!

  • Randomly we seem to have acquired a really good selection of drama recently. One actor was moving and sold off a bunch of how-to books, and quite a few students have brought in some really great plays in excellent condition. 

We're looking sharp and stocked these days, so beat the gross humidity and ridiculously hot weather and come see us! We're subterranean (like ninja turtles), and we have air conditioning! Also, chairs! You'll love it!

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