Friday, February 14, 2014

How to Make a Bookseller Fall in Love With You*

It's Valentine's Day. Cards are flying off our racks, harried-looking men are running into our store with bouquets of flowers bought from Trader Joes, and my gentleman caller sent me a box full of Bon Chon chicken (all drumsticks!!!).

Since I'm in the holiday spirit (and no longer ravenous for snacks) I'll dispense some advice for making a bookseller fall in love with you and your book. I hope you didn't think this was about making a bookseller actually fall in love with you, even though I think it would probably involve a lot of food and bookshelves we wouldn't be ashamed to merge with.

Consider us Kept!
1. Tell us we are pretty. I mean, don't tell me that, tell me that the bookstore is pretty. Tell us you like our selection, the recommendations we write, how pretty our colors are. We like compliments, and you'll see us blush a bit when you give us props for our spatial reasoning skills. 

2. Give us chocolates. We talk about food on a daily basis. It is not surprising to see booksellers pop their heads into the break room with a hopeful look that asks, "Are there snacks?" You haven't seen heartbreak until you see a hungry, snack-less bookseller who really wants a potato chip. 

James Scott (The Kept) left us a kind note with chocolates. We liked him already, but we like him even more now. "I've worked at a bookstore before," he said. "I know about snacks."  

FirstSecond can do no wrong.
3. Send us free books. I'll be honest--I love everything FirstSecond puts out and I would have been talking about these books anyway, but since I have it now? My poor co-workers will be hearing about this book for months. (By the way, we're having an event with Box Brown for his illustrated bio of Andre the Giant on 7/1!)

4. Be nice. I've put books at the forefront of my to-read list because an author was nice to me.

5. Write a good book.  This is really the most integral part of having us fall in love with you, and after you've created a work that we're bound to get excited over, send us chocolates.

*Note: This is not a ploy to get more chocolates.  Noooooooooo

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