Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yesterday, I walked into the break room to say hello to Tom. We would be running an event together later in the day and I wanted to check in and see how he was doing. When I saw him, I stopped. Tom was wearing a dark blue button up and black pants, notable only because I was wearing the exact same thing. When I pointed this out, Tom argued that we were wearing different shades so it wasn't completely the same, but it didn't matter. It was no longer a Tuesday, it was a Samesies Tuesday.

A few minutes later, Tom paged me with another coincidence. Our manager, Dana, was also wearing a blue button up and black pants. This type of thing happens too often. Is it because we like the same things, is it because we are on the same wavelength, is it because we read the memo? Is it because we see each others' clothing and think, "I want that too and I'm sure I will look excellent wearing it"? The bookstore may never know. 

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