Wednesday, March 18, 2009


As the great & wise Friend Owl said in Bambi, "Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime." We at the Brookline Booksmith have decided to take these words to heart and just joined Twitter as @booksmithtweets! Tweeting are myself, Katie, and Genie (our Events Director). If you're interested primarily in words of wisdom from Carl and Andrea in our Used Book Cellar then you might be interested in following them @ubcbrookline. We will try not to have a Booksmith twitter throwdown (though that actually sounds kind of fun).

And speaking of owls, Kerri in the card & gift room and I are both crazy for them. She has gotten in THE CUTEST owl stuff for the spring including this wallet which I am buying myself immediately because I always see cute stuff that we have and then never buy it figuring I'm here, you know, everyday and can buy it anytime and then I NEVER DO and it SELLS OUT and I want to SMACK MYSELF. (I apologize for the excitement, but this is what owls do to me). So, dear reader, feel free to come in and snap up these owl wallets because I already have mine, thank you very much.

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