Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okay, so it's 3 days later...

I don't think we even sell batteries here, or, in other words, probably about 95% of what we sell does not need electricity.  If you have been through power outages before, or if Irene brought your first one, you know that your world vastly changes.  By candle light and lantern, the sound of silence lingers.  What?  You mean no texting and FaceBook (if phones are out or have run out of battery power)?  I can't charge up my GameBoy?  No more re-runs on TV?  But what to do with the hours (or possibly days) ahead?

[Dramatic gasp!]  How about a book or magazine?  A puzzle to finger in between awkward moments of conversations that no longer involve a keypad?  Or a game?

Right now, I love to recommend the game "Flip Out" for adults and children.

The object of the game is to match up four cards of the same design together.  You can see one side of your opponent's cards, but not the other.  So as you trade, you could be benefitting or defeating your opponent.  It seems too easy, right?  But I assure you that once you get going it is a lot of fun. Switching, swapping, and flipping cards appears to be a basis for one great game.

Takes 2-4 players and I recommend it for children as young as 6.

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