Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Tuesday I Gave Myself a Sugar Coma With Candy Corn, I'm An Adult, Read My Blog Post!

The great thing about being scared is that it doesn't change. Times do, certainly. My generation is completely different than my sisters', separated by only six years but to look at pictures of me when I was 12 and Emma when she was in her preteen years, you can see how the '90s formed me (overalls, fleece, awkward accessories) and she remained relatively unscathed. She never really went through an awkward stage, mine last until I was about 17, and depending on who you ask, might still be ongoing.  Even a period of time as short as 6 years can take two groups of people and make them drastically different.

Kids definitely seem to get more cool and less susceptible as time goes by, but I think that most of it is just hoopla and bravado. Everybody wants to be cool, nobody wants to be the scaredy cat. I recently watched "Insidious" with my roommate, which is basically your standard movie plotline about a haunted house (/person) , but because of some of its effects and unusual turns, we were absolutely terrified. We had all the lights on in the apartment, and I didn't get a good nights sleep for two days afterwards. Things kept falling over in my room and I was certain it was the very horrifying phantom-menace looking demon that terrorizes the characters in the movie, come to steal my soul down to hell. I was surprised because I am no stranger to horror movies. In high school I got so mad that my friends thought "The Grudge" was a scarier movie than "The Ring" that I watched both of them back to back and took notes, compiling a system of checks and balances to rate the movies by. Yeah. I really did that. I told you, awkward stage until 17, possibly until 23, jury is still out. I really like overalls, you guys. Getting scared is still something a lot of us seem to enjoy, whether or not we're cool enough to admit we are scared. 

Whether you're having a wholesome bobbing-for-apples, three-people-dressed-as-the-blue-power-ranger, black-and-orange-wrapped-peanut-flavored-mystery-candy kind of party or a brain shots kind of party, or maybe you're a sad loser taking notes on Hollywood movies alone in your room to prove your 'friends' wrong,  feast your eyes on all the sweet halloween goodies we have in stock for you this year. Way more than previous years, if you ask me, although that could also be our fancy new tables at the front of the store that present festivities like a magnificent cake. Particularly cool are all our spider-themed jewelry, the singing ghost key chains, and the stuffed puppies dressed in costumes that bark when you squeeze them. We also have these skeleton aprons for sale, which I think about buying every time we get them in until I realize that I don't have time in my life for aprons. 

Everyone knows Halloween is the best holiday because you get to eat candy and wear a costume, essentially the two greatest activities that humanity has to offer. If you need any kind of party favors, you know where to go. Remember to stay safe, and if you're throwing a Halloween party and are interested in having a bookseller/english student dressed as Agent Mulder for the 3rd year in a row drink all your booze, you know who to call, and it ain't Ghostbusters. 

The truth is out there.

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Anonymous said...

That is NOT a baby Zoe in a Hypercolor sweater?! Also, Halloween is totally when you're allowed to be a kid again. As long as the sugar coma lasts or AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE SPIDER HAIR CLIP IN.