Thursday, September 8, 2011

The rain it raineth every day, upon the just and unjust fellah, but more upon the just, because, the unjust has the justs' umbrella.

Well friends, I don't know about you but I'm damp. Its been piddlin' up a storm in Boston this past week, mother nature's definitive way of letting us know that summer is over, so quit your smiling already. We've begun to rearrange the store for the upcoming holiday season, big changes coming your way. If you were in the store today at all you probably noticed the higher incidence of drills, disarray, dudes standin' around lookin' serious. I myself was utilized at one point to measure the infosmith's new designated area for the ambulatory ease of people over 5'5". This is not the first time I have wondered if they keep me on at Booksmith simply for my height. "Zoe, can you reach that for me?" is something I hear often. For those of you that have never seen me, I am 11 feet tall and have long, knobbly gargoyle fingers that I use to punch open soda pop cans.

So changes in the store are occurring, and in addition to that I went back to school this week. I'm taking four classes, two of which are English classes; one is about Shakespeare's early work, and the other is about narrative in novel and film. For the latter, I'm going to be reading this doozey right from the off:

I suspect that it'll inspire me but also drive completely batpoop bonkers at the same time. From what I can tell, Time's Arrow is a narrative told backwards, so it begins with the end and ends with the beginning, if you catch my drift. We'll be comparing it to the movie "Memento", which makes sense, all that experimenting with event sequence and whatnot. We also have some dumb textbook to read from, snore. You guys should see the textbook I had to buy for the Shakespeare class, its easily 20 pounds, its the Riverside Complete Shakespeare. It looks very uncomfortable to read and I haven't yet figured out if we'll be expected to bring it into class every day, three times a week. However, I am impressed by whoever designed the cover art; renderings of Shakespeare always freak me out, he's always painted with a pointy chin and beady little rat eyes, but the blue and pink used on the cover was unexpected and pleasant.

This is a terrible picture, you can't see the colors at all, but I couldn't find a better one online. TRUST ME, that is a sassy pink on the bottom there. Shakespeare would totally have approved, he was a sassy dude.

Aside from all that, I think my palate grew up a bit in the past few months, I've started relating to tea in a deep and meaningful way that I never have before. This morning I made a pot of Jasmine and sat in bed listening to a combination of the rain outside and Fleetwood Mac coming from my computer. Guys, alls I need is a dream journal, some birkenstocks, some loud clunky, jewelry and a degree in art education. This is happening. This is the future.


Anonymous said...

I relate to this too much right now.

Paul Theriault said...

Zoe, 'Time's Arrow' will do exactly what you suspect it will do, to you. Awesome book. But, then, I'm biased. Amis is my best friend.

Also, one of the light bulbs burnt out over Aisle 2, down near Travel. Get to it when you have a chance. I can't find the ladder.

Zoe said...

Ents to the rescue, I suppose. Now then, don't be so hasty!