Friday, December 16, 2011

Pretty Pictures

Not to toot my own horn or nothin' but this week I put up a display of Signet Classic mass markets with cool vintage illustrations on the front, and it looks pretty sweet. Observe:

These covers are so k-rad. Really overlooked, IMHO.

One of my favorite things to come across in the UBC are vintage illustrations. I basically like them as much as fancy paintings or really good writing.

Observe this 1963 children's Spanish wordbook:

Don't you just wanna pet them fuzzy bunnies?

Or check out today's find, a 1961 cookbook:

Come on down and find something funky to give as a gift this holiday. Add to someone's weird collection, or find a seed for a new one. Or grab a copy of a really straight-laced history of math. We have something for everyone!

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