Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to Work!

I had a nice, calm week in the West but I am ready to get to work. And I have it cut out for me, too. People are moving out, there's a long weekend ahead and a lot of people are in selling books. It certainly makes the day move faster but it also means that we are seeing a lot of books, and we can't give them all homes. So to make sure that you don't waste a trip by bringing in books we might pass on, this is just a friendly suggestion for those wanting to sell back to call in or e-mail a list of the titles you have and we can help you whittle your pile down to stuff that we can use.

But a ton of new arrivals mean there are a lot of cool new books in the store. CAN YOU HANDLE IT? Just in time for Memorial Day weekend and the upcoming summer:

The novelization of The Cabin in the Woods, a graphic novel of Sherlock Holmes' stories, a copy of The Confederacy of Dunces (read it before the movie comes out), The Tiger's Wife, Longing for the Harmonies, a book on consciousness and physics, a complete book of Keats' poems, basically just a major haul of awesome for any sort of reader: casual to die-hard. Stop in for the one you're looking for or to get a recommendation from any one of us lovable weirdos.

And remember, we're real passionate about books around here, but remember to never drink or drive: read about this teenager in Illinois who got so mad when her boyfriend didn't take her to see the new Twilight movie that she crashed her car.

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