Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Guides: They Aren't What You're Thinking

I'm going to leave speculations about the Fifty Shades phenomenon and other alternatives to sexy reading to my fellow blogger and coworker, Natasha (stay tuned), but I can't resist pointing out that even the Globe Corner at Booksmith is getting hot. That's right: our travel section at Booksmith now stocks Love Guides.

No, they're not what they sound like, but these travel guides to India are intimate, elegant, romantic, and maybe even just a little seductive. Okay very seductive. Even if you've never dreamed of traveling to India before, these guides will make you want to book your tickets and go catch a flight.

Fiona Caulfield, creator of Love Travel guidebooks, describes her guides as "hand books for the luxury vagabond." They are that and so much more; buying one of these books is almost like purchasing a souvenir before you go. Each regional guide to India comes in a cloth bag and is enclosed in a beautifully designed cloth cover. Not only are the guides packed full of insider information aimed at giving you an authentic experience of the country, they are also gorgeously laid out with maps and illustrations, which are printed in India on eco-friendly handmade paper.

These guides beg to be browsed, so come on in to the Globe Corner Annex at Brookline Booksmith. To learn more about the India Love Guides, check out the Globe Corner's interview with Fiona Caulfield on the Globe Corner blog, where you can also read about the recent migration of Booksmith booksellers to the Pacfic Northwest.

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