Friday, August 3, 2012

Put me in your movie!


Used book buyer Natasha prices a pile of books. Awesomely.

Man, sure is sad when a filmmaker gives up on his dreams and sells a pile of film-making books. But I guess it's good that someone can get all these awesome, nice-condition books for half price and make some MOVIES.

Who are you talking to? There's nobody here.

To the Blog!

Natasha begins to type on the computer:

NATASHA (voice-over)
These four books we got in the UBC last week sure make it look cheap and easy to put together your very own cinematic masterpiece. Stop by and load up for few ducats and save the rest of your pocket change for lights, cameras and ACTION:

The Hollywood Standard by Christopher Riley (used price $10)
Awesomely designed book makes formatting your script properly a no-brainer.

How NOT to Write a Screenplay by Denny Martin Flinn (used price $9)
Your masterpiece will win Oscars and make Bergman's entombed corpse weep. This isn't amateur hour. Avoid clunky errors by reading this gem. 

The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide by Anthony Artis (used price $18)
This book is truly impressive. Not very big, full color inside but it seriously goes from 0 (I've never held a camera before but I have a compelling idea for a documentary) to 60 (do I pay for Final Cut Pro or hire a pro movie editor?) on making a documentary. Comes with a disc full of extra goodies, too.

$30 Film School by Michael W. Dean (used price $15)
The titles is misleading because if you buy this book from us it's only a FIFTEEN dollar film school! Avoid higher education costs and learn everything in this handy-dandy, easy-to-read volume. It teaches you how to write, light, shoot, edit, distribute your own film and how to get it financed. Or how to finance it yourself. Super practical and very thorough. Also includes a DVD with extras and such.

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