Tuesday, January 21, 2014

March events? Already?

Here's a preview of our March schedule, and I'm really excited. I did a little dance in the Booksmith break room and alarmed a few of my co-workers, so I'm taking it to the Internet where I use words and consciously abstain from exclamation points.

  • Michio Kaku, March 5.  I'm secretly in love with science (please do not tell my father, he wanted me to study biology and I staunchly refused in my not-so-rebellious youth) and Michio Kaku is one of my favorite scientists.  In addition to being an engaging speaker, he was on The Science of Doctor Who special talking about the viability of time travel and that made me adore him even more. Tickets are on sale February 3, and if you can't manage to get to the store, visit brooklinebooksmith.com/tickets
  • Andrew Knapp and Momo, March 6. I am openly a dog lover.  There is a picture on the Booksmith Instagram of a dog kissing my face, of which I feel no shame.  I admit that I take any and all opportunities to pet dogs, their owners standing to the side to wait for the end of our love-fest and my boss standing to the side waiting for me to go back to work.  Well, Momo gives me the opportunity to work and pet a dog.  Visit gofindmomo.com to see this adorable border collie hiding Where's Waldo-like in various locales, and visit us on March 6 to meet Momo. 
  • Austin Kleon, March 17. The man behind Steal Like An Artist visits with his latest, Show Your Work.  People love him for all sorts of reasons, and I love him for Newspaper Blackout, which had me laughing, crying, and then buying a pack of Sharpies and a few newspapers to see what I could create myself. 
There are so many more events on our calendar (the brilliant Helen Oyeyemi on 3/8, local Jeremy Bushnell on 3/11, Yarn Harlot Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on 3/12, and MORE) so I expect to see you waiting at the door at 9am on February 1st, pounding on the door and rabid for the release of our March event calendar...

...or you could check our website some time in February to see what our March events look like, or pick up the calendar when you visit us like you usually do, or read our whiteboard to see what's up ahead, or look at the author posters board and our event window, or visit brooklinebooksmith.com/googlecalendar.  The powers that be ask me to ask you to abstain from door pounding, so in exchange I will give a hearty high five if you ask. 

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