Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Love, Love, Love.

I am possibly the loudest person who works at Brookline Booksmith. I talk incessantly about things I like, and if there is a book or author I'm obsessed with, you will know. I regularly attempt to give up coffee to try to curb my enthusiasm but I keep going back because I love talking with our local baristas.

Yes, this is a pitchfork. The construction is questionable,
so please do not spear villagers or rampaging monsters with it.
Last night we held an event for Jeremy P. Bushnell's crazy new book, The Weirdness. Booksellers loved it, so upon arrival he was presented with a pitchfork. Rather than run screaming from the bookstore, Jeremy was delighted that his inaugural event came with a lovingly-crafted present. Katie even used the pitchfork in her introduction to emphasize how The Weirdness "skewers the lit machine." The audience was appreciative, and I hid in the back so that I would be less likely to fist pump Katie (for such a great intro!) and Jeremy (who actually used the pitchfork!) during the event.

While my crafting skills don't come out for every author event, I try to make sure we have events that we can all be excited about--whether it be a fledgling author, a poet we've admired for ages, or someone whose work has struck us. The more times the word 'love' is invoked, the better.

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