Monday, March 24, 2014

Signs that spring has come to the kids' section

There is no snow on the floor. (There is occasional frozen yogurt on the table.)

We have books like this,

and this.

There are new releases in bloom.

Loyal young fans flock to the store, asking if the books they've been waiting for are out yet.

Sorry, Selection fans - The One isn't out yet, though we're happy to reserve it for you. When it shows up on May 6, we promise to rush it to the shelves.

We booksellers are bursting to recommend the ones we've read in advance.

You'll know it's April 8 when Amy and I start racing to handsell you John Corey Whaley's latest.

Also! New Mo Willems! April 1! Not a joke! I repeat, this is not a joke!

It's spring, you guys. It's almost reading-outside weather. Come. Get books.

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