Monday, August 4, 2014

What Makes a Book Worth Waiting For?


Three exciting new books in the kids section!

1. The Princess Who Had No Kingdom by Ursula Jones and Sarah Gibb
I do have such a soft spot for these two. It feels like a traditional fairytale but set with Gibb's beautiful combination of detailed images and silhouette art.

2. Eye of Minds (Paperback) by James Dashner
Dashner's follow-up series to The Maze Runner's first book is out in paperback. As soon as you've ripped through Runner, grab this one.

3.The Young World by Chris Weitz
A dystopian set after a strange illness has wiped out most of the human race. This has been dubbed "Good. A quick read" by Clarissa.

It sometimes happens in the world of books that we have to wait for the next in the series (I mean, that usually happens, unless you're one of those people with remarkable self control who can wait on a series until the whole thing is out. If you are, I applaud you). It's a fact of life. Writing books takes time. Editing books takes time. Printing books takes time. It's unfortunate, but here we are. Honestly, I think a little anticipation is a good thing.

But sometimes, oh sometimes, it takes a little longer for the next book to come out. It can be for any number of reasons. Authors are people they need breaks, things come up, life is rough. I mean, we can't begrudge them the fact that they're human, and honestly, they don't owe us anything. That being said, that often only makes the waiting slightly more bearable.

One year between books is manageable, I mean look at all of the work that goes into the whole book process! A year and a half is do-able, WORK! Two is a bit rough. More than that is sometimes physically painful. I still get it, I want all of my favorite authors to be happy and to take breaks and release the book that they want to release.
Still, the waiting part is rough.

As a couple of my favorite series draw to a close this year I've been wondering what gives a book staying power like that? What is it about a series that keeps us eagerly awaiting the next book for THREE YEARS? How often do we have to wait three years for anything? We're not used to that. Would we wait three years between episodes of a tv show (if it is Sherlock the answer is 'yes')? But when it's a new book in a series that we love we will wait almost endless amounts of time as long as we can, one day, have it in our hands.

I've read series that I've enjoyed but when the next one comes out, even a year later, thought, 'ehhh, I'll get there eventually.' But there are other books I wait and wait and wait and almost resort to Twitter stalking the author and still need to read them immediately. What makes them different?

I'm completely willing to believe that it's different for each book like this. Books are different, that makes sense. But I can't quite figure out what it is about them. When I break down things that I love about them, I often find that they have similarities to other books that I've loved but didn't need to read right away.

Maybe it's a magical combination of everything lining up just right. Perhaps it's the anticipation (though, I don't think so, I've lost interest in series that I like but make me wait too long). Is it just a need to find out what happens?  But there's something about certain series that stick. That make waiting years between books so so worth it.

Harry Potter was worth it.

On the 14 the final book in Stephanie Perkins' Anna-Lola-Isla companion series (Isla and the Happily Ever After) is out. I'm so so lucky to have been able to read it early and guys it is so worth the wait.

In November the last book in Michelle Hodkin's Mara Dyer trilogy is out (The Retribution of Mara Dyer). I haven't read this one yet but it's been about two and a half years since Evolution came out and I will wait more years if I have to. I still can't get that series out of my head.

I can't quite figure out what it is about certain books that give them this staying power. I've changed as a person since I read the first in these series but I am just as eagerly awaiting these books as I was when they were first announced.

What do you think it is? What makes you hold on to a series so long?

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