Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Is your budget so tight that finding a penny in the crack of the sidewalk is the highlight of your day? I know the feeling. But don’t let that let you go without reading anything all summer.

We have great bargain tables in our store that allow you to save around 70% on all types of titles: cookbooks, biographies, art collections, novels, a wide array of children’s books, and more. What a deal, eh? It’s better than! What I love about these tables is that they’re not sale carts filled with strange books we just can’t get rid of. Our bargain tables contain towering stacks of great reads, newish titles, classics, and old favorites. Occasionally, we even get bargain books that are out of print. I was ecstatic when we got in The Amazing Adventures of Bathman by Andrew Pelletier this past week. (It was a sad day when I learned that it was out of print.)

The Amazing Adventures of Bathman is great for the admiring-superhero-boy! Trust me, good boy books – while they DO exist – are harder to come by.

There’s only one boy who can take on this tub full of trouble, where a kidnapping has taken place. “Bathman is on the job!” And, the comic book style layout only adds to the fun.

So, come on, kersplash into summer reading with us. When these bargain titles are gone, they’re gone! (Same goes with our used book $1 cart right outside the store.)

In the words of Bathman, “’See you next time gang! [and] Keep your noses clean!’”

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