Monday, May 10, 2010


The week before Mother's Day is a fun one here at the store. As the day itself draws closer, the shoppers grow more focused. We have a table full of ideas - many, many books from funny to moving, fanciful aprons, just-add-water minigardens, ruffled dishwashing gloves, flowered hammers - at the front of the store. We do pride ourselves on being a one stop shopping emporium for all things bookish with "trimmings". Being at the register or out in the aisles on Saturday was a fine little study of human psychology. I observed a Dad with his 6 year old son explaining why the gorgeous Italian cookbook might be a better match for Mom than the big polka dot bouncy ball. The boy came to agree but stated that he, then, wanted the ball for himself. Or the preteen girls browsing our jewelry collection seeking Mom -appropriate items and having a great time trying on this or that. Another Dad was heard to say to his young daughter, "No, she's not MY mother but she does expect a gift from me, her husband." Ringing up the selected gifts at the register was a short course in the variety of things Moms are interested in. Don't think for a minute that it was all predictable either. Vampire tales, make furniture manuals, guitar shaped spatulas, pirate-themed lunch bags and rather naughty humor all made the cut. I especially love seeing the cards people choose. It's a rather bonding experience, honestly.

I know alot of folks consider these "holidays" crassly commercial, made-up occasions for the profit mongers. It's true that some of the faces in the crowd here on Saturday had a certain distracted, stressed look. Dads with small kids in tow had their work cut out for them, sure. And I'm not saying one has BUY something for such special days. But by the time each person fetched up at the check out counter, they were proud and pleased to have thougth about the Mom(s) in their lives and picked something to show appreciation. To me, that's a good thing.


Dan said...

I actually stopped by the Booksmith on Thursday for this very thing! I picked up a nice, letterpress card and Seth Stevenson's Grounded.

My mom loved both and I have the Booksmith to thank!

Barbara said...

My Mom really loved the Booksmith. She actually had her own personal shopper that brought her favorites titles to her all the time!