Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Podcast Dorkitude

I had a crisis the other day. As I was loading my new iPod, I realized that the majority of what I load onto Walter (named after the main character in Jonathan Franzen's soon-to-be-released epic, Freedom) isn't awesome music, but podcasts. Specifically, BBC and NPR podcasts. Here it is, folks -- your first-ever glimpse into the iPod of the Brookline Booksmith's events director. It ain't pretty.

Thinking Aloud
The BBC's weekly nerd fest, where a bunch of dorks talk about intellectual pursuits of a sociological nature.

WNYC's not as regular as I'd like it to be science podcast that frequently reduced goobers like me to tears. Check out the one on the chimp that was raised as a girl if you want to feel my pain.

Sound Opinions
WBEZ Chicago's weekly music show. It bills itself as "the world's only rock-n-roll talk show," but most of their stuff isn't exactly rockin' because it's for NPR dorks like myself. Be sure to listen to the end, where people with Chicago accents stronger than mine lament about host Jim DeRogatis's fixation on Brian Eno.

I Love Movies
This one is slightly less nerdy because the host, Doug Benson, is well-known for a movie he made about smoking pot. It's still pretty nerdy, unfortunately, because it relies on OCD-like knowledge of movie arcana.

The Savage Lovecast
Finally, something not humiliatingly nerdy! It's about s-e-x! A weekly dose of love advice from Dan Savage, my favorite pundit.

There you have it, folks! Now excuse me while I put my headphones in while avoiding eye contact.

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