Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Hero, Lee Child

Green Line, outbound to Cleveland Circle. The woman sits in one of those seats near the doors. She likes sitting alone, avoiding the elbows and thighs of her fellow passengers. She always chose a seat in the front car, better for leaping out and avoiding slow walkers when she arrives at work.

Slow walkers are the worst, followed by people with strollers. When she gets to her stop, she needs to be the first out of the train. She weaves around the crowds of people in Coolidge Corner. Getting out first helps her avoid being stalled behind a slow walker or a stroller. When she has to say "Excuse me," she calls this collateral damage. As an ethical vigilante, she avoids punishing the innocent as much as possible, and getting out first causes the least collateral damage.

The woman sipped a Dunkin Donuts coffee, two creams, two sugars. She always got Dunkin Donuts, sized medium. It was good coffee -- not too strong, not too weak. Size medium: not too big, not too small. Just enough caffeine to get her through the morning, even after a sleepless night.

She holds the coffee in one hand. In the other, a small, thick paperback. The author: Lee Child. The woman has noticed that when she reads Lee Child on public trans, people are likely to approach her and talk about how much they like him, too. The woman is a loner. She meets their approval with a nod and a steel-eyed stare. They always look away, except the ones who don't. And those are the ones who are trouble.

So like, if you want to read actual Jack Reacher fan fiction, you can read it here. I, for one, cannot believe LEE CHILD will be here on Thursday. He's my favorite mystery writer in the whole world! I've read all of his books!

When his publicist called to deliver the news that Random House was sending him here, I jumped out of my chair. "I could tell from your event proposal that you're a real Reacher Creature," she purred. And how! For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, just head down to our Used Book Cellar and pick up any of Lee Child's mysteries for $3.50. You'll have Reacher-itis too, I swear.

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