Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Learning to Read...

Guess what? We’ve expanded our Learning to Read section. More than doubled the selection actually.

So, whether you are looking for some quick new reads, some familiar classics, or you know a young one who is learning to read, stop on by. I’ve also heard of parents using early readers to read to their kids at night because level 1, 2, and 3 books look longer. But, reading one of these beginning-to-read-books is actually shorter than the average picturebook. So, you do the math. :)

Our selection goes beyond Dick and Jane and “Cat sat on the rat. Rat went tap.” Blech! No wonder there are kids who aren’t interested in reading.

Let’s peruse some of our new arrivals:

Being sick is one thing. Being sick on the day of the class play…just terrible! (Iris and Walter: The School Play)

What good can come out of a cat who only chases kittens and lives in an old barrel? (Fire Cat)

Two cows dress up like chickens to crack the case! (Minnie and Moo: The Case of the Missing Jelly Donut)

You’ve never been to a slumber party you say? You can read about that, too. (Iris and Walter: The Sleepover and Pajama Party

Enjoy the excitement of a loose tooth all over again or for the first time. (Loose Tooth)

Remember that classic Wacky Wednesday? Yes, it’s still around as are many Dr. Seuss books (Wacky Wednesday was written under one of Seuss’s other pen names of Theo LeSeig).

Sounds and traditions of going to bed does not mean that a certain little boy is asleep. (Jack Prelutsky’s My Parents Think I’m Sleeping)?

The time has come, the time is now, the time has come to go read something now! (Sound familiar? Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now?)

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