Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Best Books I've Never Read

A few days ago, after I finished yet another so-so novel, I complained to my English professor boyfriend about the mediocrity of most fiction. "Read Portrait of the Artist!" he advised for the ten thousandth time. I suspect that if I don't read it soon, he'll start thwocking me over the head with it any time I complain about anything I'm reading. He bought me a copy and knows where it is at all times so he can foist it on me.

I've never read Joyce (except the parts of Dubliners I had to read as an undergrad). But that's not all I haven't read! Here's a short list of all the stuff of which I'm wholly ignorant:

Here are ten books I'm proud of having read (whatever helps me sleep at night, right?):
The Great Gatsby (at least ten times)
Infinite Jest (twice, thanks for asking)

I'm not reading anything at all at the moment, but there's a new season of True Blood!

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Deb said...

Portrait is one of those books you read so you can say you read it. I couldn't read Joyce again for a decade after that (yep, Dubliners), and only because I was bedridden. Read Siddhartha instead- same story with better writing.