Thursday, March 3, 2011

In which we join our heroine tubthumping midst the undergrads, or whatnot

What is the deal with my university and its need to constantly blast the infernal hippity hop in the cafeteria while I am just trying to poorly do my logic homework and listen to my favourite ABC comedy sitcoms on hulu? There is some part of the closed-circuit channel that they insist on playing that is just a 10 or 15 minute loop of somebody whistling the same tune, over and over again, at a totally unnecessarily loud decibel. Is this like psychological* warfare, Umass Boston? Are you trying to 'break' me?

Other fun facts about my day at school: I have decided to name my future memoirs "EXCUSE ME IS THIS YOGURT NONFAT?" because that is the very sentence I was FORCED to utter mere moments ago when the nice flamboyant cafe guy (who makes the dreamiest mochas, honestly, mochas born of a benevolent spirit, angel dew dripped from the very eaves of the kingdom of heaven) rang me up.

Honestly, Zoe. And you call yourself a feminist. I will have you know he didn't hear me, and I bought it anyway because everybody in line behind me heard me and I felt a deep and poignant shame at even having asked.

Ok. Content time, I guess.

Last night I devoured this saucy little number by Mary Karr. I think I am the dumb one but I didn't know Karr wrote poetry, which is very sad because, as you all know, I am 23 now and look at all this time I've wasted. Its a short, beautiful book of poetry and the fourth poem is called "Disgraceland" and ends:

"when my thirst got great enough
to ask, a stream welled up inside;
some jade wave buoyed me forward;
and I found myself upright

in the instant, with a garden
inside my own ribs aflourish. There, the arbor leafs.
The vines push out plump grapes.
You are loved, someone said. Take that

and eat it."

Can you even stand how fantastic that is? Karr does not take herself too seriously, even when talking about love and sex and becoming a (w-o-m-a-n) woman, which I really look for it a good poem. If you read it let me know so we can talk. My email is, but don't get too smart on me, its hard for me to pretend that I know things via the internet. The truth comes out, and the truth is...well. All fluff, no substance. That's my style. No, but this yogurt nonfat?

*a word I spelled so wrongly the first time around that even spellcheck didn't understand what I was trying to say. SHAME. DISGRACE. Well tra la la back to school work, isn't edumacation gr8????

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