Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Open the box, and there you go...

There seems to have been a rush this past week over  fantastic new picturebooks arriving.  Even though new books are a constant for most of the year, there is always those few that will catch your eye.  Yeah...

The Queen of France
by Tim Wadham
Does this illustration remind you of a certain grumpy bear?  Well, that's because Kady MacDonald Denton also illustrated Bedtime for Bear and Visitor for Bear!  When Rose wakes up, she's feeling a bit royal.  Don't worry, she's not one of those other children who throw tantrums or fling demands when the crown goes on.  She has quite the unique imagination, this little girl!  When the Queen of France pricks her finger, she is off to find the Royal Physician -- found right after she visits her make-believe basket -- and continue on her way.  This little inquisitive queen has a lot of fun when talking to the parents' of Rose.  Yet, when she, the Queen of France, wants to trade places with Rose, what will happen?  Who will her parents keep?

Press Here
by Herve Tullet
Really, press the dots.  And then again.  Shake them, rub them, blow them away...  You know, it's odd that nowhere in this book does it say "laugh," but that's the result whenever this book has been opened in our kids' reading area!

(or press here:

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