Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nice move Random House! It isn't cheaper in the jungle anymore!

Random House announced that it will reverse its decision and sell their ebooks at a set price, effectively leveling the market for indies to sell RH's books at the same price as Amazon. HOW COOL IS THAT? You can buy your ebooks from us : here : and know that amazon isn't selling most major publishing house-titles for cheaper! (They were losing an average of $6 dollars a book, to monopolize the market, then drive their prices up...sound familiar wallmartskies?) This means you can continue to support your local independent bookstore for all you reading needs, including ebooks. If you have a kindle, here's a trick for making your reader read epub (our) books. *It's a secret.
We want to provide our customers with options. If you want to read ebooks, and support can! More and more publishers (all the big ones) have a set price for their ebooks, so that ugly thing Amazon does may become a thing of the least with ebooks.

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