Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Now you can use your Booksmith gift card to buy an e-book!

Don't live in Brookline anymore?


Want to send a gift to someone who doesn't live here anymore either, but who still totally misses us?

Now they can buy our ebooks, or ye olde-timey paper & ink books online with a Brookline Booksmith gift card!

Just order one here, or call 617.566.6660

We will pop one in the mail for you or your loved one to buy some great books. You'll also be supporting your local indie bookstore, from anywhere in the world!

Top secret: These are our new gift cards!!! They will be available in the very near future...I will unfurl a shriek of joy for all to hear. These cards, well...they're kinda my babies. My pretty, advanced, way above average babies. I mean their Apgar score was a 9.47. Proud Mama.

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