Wednesday, May 4, 2011


To some, Remainders (aka, our Bargain Books) mean discounts, to some it is an affordable piece of literature beyond our Used Book Cellar, to others they are a continuation of a great selection of books. And, that is the beauty of them. So many great titles!  Right now we have a few of our regular bestsellers: Shark vs Train ($7.99), Clementine ($2.99), The Girl Who Could Fly ($2.99), My Garden ($7.99), Good Day ($7.99), Lost ($2.99), Wabi Sabi ($7.99), Princess Academy ($3.99), Big Nate From the Top ($4.99), and a wide array of Curious George books and stickerbooks.  Often times, we'll get books in here that you would normally have to special order: Annotated Wind in the Willows ($14.99), Annotated Huckleberry Finn ($14.99), The Me Book ($3.99), as well as hardcover copies of variousness.

I love watching people browse over this table, not having to worry about the price, as the loose ends and aftermath of the recession still remain.  I'm probably drifting on a cloud here...I mean my shoulders clench when people think everything should be discounted because we are a part of the GenMe world.  Yet, I prefer to think Remainders close the gap between people with an $5 extra dollars to spend a month, with readers who can drop hundreds a week.  That is a wonderful part of literature.  No matter your background or opinion, there's always something there to debate, discuss, or ponder.  Varying views expand the small pages we live, and words are what thread them together.

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