Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tetris is for Hands, Not Remotes

So, if you're someone who loves games, but lives in a place where no one else does, it's just sad to see great games just sitting to collect dust.  But, having all solitaire-like games....boring.  That's why Katamino is great.  It's mainly a one player rendition of Tetris with hundreds of variations to accomplish.  However, the board can convert into a two player race.  Who will use their blocks to fill their side of the board first?

So, the video below makes it look way too easy; and, at first Katamino is, but when the bar moves to higher numbers, it does get quite boggling.  Plus, they make great building blocks to make funky creatures and buildings.

Why Katamino?  At times, you just need to focus on problem solving with your own head and hands, rather than solely on teamwork ethic.

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