Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Waiting in line to get a book signed is great...if you're a reader over the age of, maybe, 10.  That's why, for the little guys, we do more than just book signings.  I would not say that we are simply entertaining your kids, but opening their eyes to broader aspects of literature and stories.  Check out this video from David Hyde Costello's event for Little Pig Joins the Band

No, there are no giraffes in the Little Pig story (but there was in I Can Help).  It's quite an amazing puppet, isn't it?

The heart of great author talks is when an author gives more than a simple book signing.

When they talk about experiences or show other art forms they have delved in to, it gives an insight into their life and soul in a different way that their book could ever do.  Thoughts and creative objects, such as this giraffe brought to life -- no longer confined to the page -- inspire the imagination! Not to mention readers and listeners as well.

Thank you to all you wonderful authors who go beyond your written words.

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