Friday, October 14, 2011

Foreign Correspondent

From the trenches of the Used Book Cellar, the latest foreign delicacies imported for your perusal.

It's fun to occaisionally see foreign editions of beloved books come across our buying desk. We don't get too many, and unfortunately don't buy too many as only well-known titles or titles in specific languages (French and Spanish) tend to sell the most, but here are some super cool ones, with newly interpreted covers worth scoping out.

Morto Até O Anoitecer, or Dead Until Dark, the first in Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series, the inspiration for the HBO series True Blood, in BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE! Check out this spooky cover!

Mesajci, or The Messenger, the third in Lois Lowry's Giver trilogy, in TURKISH!

And finally, three volumes of George R. R. Martin's fantasy epic "A Game of Thrones" in FRENCH! According to the list at the front of the book, each American version of the novel is broken up into 2-3 volumes in the French translation. But that's okay, because the covers feature amazing art, and the more the merrier. We currently have volumes 9-11, the end of Storm of Swords, and most of  Feast for Crows.

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