Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The sound of the rain and wind and the general wet atmosphere is making me relax (yeah, I'm not from around here.  I come from places where seeing the sun is a true rarity).  What I really want to do right now is read Caroline Kennedy's new poetry collection, Poems to Learn by Heart, but alas, it is not due out until late March.  So, later, I may just settle for the companion Family of Poems -- this is one of the most beautiful collections of poetry I have ever come across. John Muth's illustrations are simply gorgeous. 

Unfortunetly, I can't  read Family either, as being on the clock means I can't curl up and read.  But I can demo games (if you ever want to see one of our games open and in action please don't hesitate to ask).  I decided to open up one of our brand new games: "Swish."

It's really hard!  And fun. The cards are transparent with various dots and hoops (together they are called swishes, though they look like eyes).  16 of these cards are laid out and you must match the hoops with the dots -- none can be left out.  The challenge is you aren't allowed to touch the cards until you see the "swishes."  It's a great solitaire and group game that can be tucked away in its carrying mesh case for travel.

Apparently this game is supposed to improve your spatial IQ, but I just think it's cool. 

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