Friday, June 1, 2012

Hittin' It Lit

Fifty Shades of Grey is all that people are talkin' about these days. My theory is that the book has conspiracy-theory-worthy levels of publicity and the content, subject, author or writing style aren't really relevant in its popularity. Whether you loved it or it wasn't your cup of tea, here are a few suggestions from the UBC for some more saucy reads:

Marquis de Sade We got this cool volume of three of his most infamous books, plus some scathing letters and essays. It'll stimulate your ... mind?

Lasso Around the Moon The carnal desires of a man torn between two ladies.

Maiden A 30 year old woman is a virgin but doesn't want to be anymore. This saucy little paperback is complete with 1970s era advertisements for cigarettes and aphrodisiac perfumes.

Delta of Venus If you were troubled by the sexual politics in Fifty Shades, this book of steamy stories written by a good writer should do the trick. The women in these stories are self-possessed, fully-realized and living some EXCITING bohemian lives.

Fear of Flying An important work of second wave feminism, in which a woman explores casual boot-knockin'.

Venus in Furs Severin, Severin. The original of masochism; Severin likes it when ladies tell him what to do. Let's turn Fifty Shades on its head!

Tropic of Cancer And if none of these are saucy enough, you can get downright crude in the streets of 1930's Paris with the help of American-at-large Henry Miller.

I'd also recommend Lady Chatterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence, and book buyer Lisa recommends Story of O by Pauline Reage but we don't have a used copy of either. So come in and buy new ones upstairs!

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