Friday, November 16, 2012

Booksmith Crime Log

SATURDAY 13:27   Police responded to a shooting on the beach. A man of Arab descent was murdered. Suspect is in custody. Hate crime suspected.

SUNDAY 20:49   Police responded to noise complaint in an apartment complex. Upon investigating the scene, police discovered a double homicide. Items appear to be missing from the apartment as well though no sign of breaking and entering was detected. No murder weapon has been found though a suspect, a tenant of one of the victim's properties, has been called in for questioning.

MONDAY 23:10   Police responded to a stolen vehicle downtown. Two young, white gentleman were last seen near the car. The suspect is believed to be Dean Moriarty, a known car thief.

TUESDAY 23:47   A young couple called police to report an injured man in the park. The victim, a transient, claimed a gang of oddly-dressed teenagers sang at him then beat him severely. There are no suspects at this time.

WEDNESDAY 14:05   An area man called to claim that his daughter was abused by a hired handyman. The charges were later dropped.

THURSDAY 09:17   The liquor license of a hotel downtown is now suspended after an anonymous tip that the bartender served a minor. According to the report, the minor appeared to be 15 or 16 and wore a red flannel hat.

FRIDAY 19:57   Police received a complaint that a load of jeans was stolen from a dryer out of an area laundromat. According to surveillance tapes, it appears to be known thief Marla Singer. She appeared to have an accomplice.

FRIDAY 21:38   Area woman E. L. James was arrested for impersonating an author. [Ed.: ZING!]

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