Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hey, I'm Jamie. My heartstrings are easily pulled.

For my first blog post, I was going to tell you about starting my day by flipping through My Ideal Bookshelf,  ZooBorns the Next Generation (in my head, ZooBorns TNG), and My Bookstore, but then the following occurred:

A man rushed into the bookstore, and within five minutes he was up at the register with a book in hand. He gave me The New Father by Armin Brott.  I looked at his wrist and saw a plastic ID bracelet decorated with teddy bears and ducks, and realized what this all was. I asked if he had come straight from the hospital, which he had, and if it was a boy or a girl.  It was a boy, and I congratulated him. He was clearly elated and excited, and he flew out of the bookstore as quickly as he had come in.

I want to put this out there, in case he ever stumbles upon this blog: I'm glad we were here to offer you the right book for your growing family, and I hope we get to see your baby as he grows up.   Congratulations again, and thank you for reminding me about my favorite part of bookselling: connecting the right person to the right book and knowing they're about to have a lovely future with one another.