Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Breakaway Trousers

John Hodgman has told the world about our breakaway trousers on the Best Show with Tom Scharpling (around 38:00).    Naturally, everybody wants one. They are blue, have gold buttons, a glitter logo of “Brookline Booksmith” and are useful during dates and emergencies. 

  1. Be John Hodgman. 
  2. Find the Booksmith leprechaun.  Instead of giving away gold, he gives away one pair of Brookline Booksmith breakaway trousers.
  3. Win a dance-off against Ric, the reigning store break dance champion.  Many an attempt has been made to take away his crown, and the losers end up sitting by the dumpster wondering if 4Loko could have made a difference.
  4. Give four or five booksellers $500.  They will say thank you and ask you to wait outside near the dumpster with the dance-off losers.  They’ll be out in a bit, I swear.
  5. Wrangle an invitation to an ultra-exclusive Brookline Booksmith dance party.  At the door, we give you a pair of complimentary breakaway trousers. 
I swear these things are true, kind of. 


Not really.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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