Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting Used to the Holidays

Strapped for cash? Maxed out your holiday budget and realized you have three more people to shop for? NEVER FEAR! THE UBC IS HERE! If you want inexpensive gifts, we got ya covered. Throw off the shackles of the antiquated notion that a book has to be new to be a great gift. We have newer titles as well as vintage finds and out-of-print gems that make great gifts without breaking the bank.

A Dance with Dragons, Volume 5 of "A Song of Ice and Fire," by George R.R. Martin

Everyone wants this one! And we just got one in the UBC in time to woo your moon-and-stars! It's in great condition. I'll hold it for you no password required, just give us a call! Or stop by and it can be yours!

Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy box-set by Sigrid Undset

When this box set came in my heart stopped. It literally took my breath away for a spell. This would be a magnificent treasure to give the love of your life, or the weirdo in your life that is obsessed with Scandinavian literature. A beautiful vintage collection with a slipcase in great condition. Really cool type details on the title pages as well. *swooon*

The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide by Allan Bedford

I read this crazy thread on Reddit the other day where a poster wrote to gripe about how expensive Legos are. "Why!" Why so expensive!? A particularly perceptive poster responded something along the lines of the fact that Lego pieces have to be made to fit within 1/1000th of an inch of each other and that's with all bricks made since 1958. ASTOUNDING. So for the Lego-lover in your life, here's an exhaustive guide to all the many ways you can precisely click those blocks in together. A springboard for creativity, a technical how-to to stretch the dollars spent on all those Legos, and a surefire way to get your budding engineer reading a little before playing.

The Nervous System by Olof Larsell

Carl says, "If you've got the guts, this would be a great gift." And I have to agree. I am firmly entrenched in the camp that everything that happens inside my body is wizards and gnomes making magical cogs whirr with pixie dust. YET. I couldn't stop pouring (poring?) over this book. Such a cool vintage find with great illustrations throughout, many of which are in color. A great one to give for a doctor (there's lotsa those in this neighborhood) as a pretty gift for a collection, or to give for an artist to hack up and use in a multimedia piece. Or, Carl suggests, "a perfect gift for that nervous Nelly."

Death Comes to Pemberley by P. D. James

Another hot ticket that many are after these days, treat the fancy lady of affluence to a bit of guilt-pleasure reading! Tide over the Downton fan with some intrigue until January.

Ed Ruscha monograph

Whether you're new to Ruscha or an old fan - this is a great, unexpected gift for just about anyone. Ruscha's work is minimal, playful, clever and though provoking. I'd gift this bad boy to an art nut, a free spirit, a writer, a type nerd, anyone not crazy about reading, someone with too many books to read already, or keep it for yourself as a treat for all this exhausting thinking about to whom to give gifts. Get a taste of what Ruscha's all about here.

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