Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My fellow booksellers are used to the sight of me popping into a room, sometimes brandishing a book and sometimes not, asking the following in quick succession: “Have you heard of (author x)?  Do you like him/her?  Would you go to this event?”

Sometimes, I’m greeted with silence or a shrug.  Other times, there’s the enthusiastic head nod accompanied by a historical overview of the author’s previous visits (Confidential to Jill McCorkle: The staff of Brookline Booksmith remembers you fondly), the “Squee” (Confidential to Ron Currie, Jr.: Yeah man, you got a squee), the “To the Internet!” (Confidential to Simon Tofield of Simon's Cat: Your videos are giggle-inducing and still pack a punch when shared amongst two or three booksellers huddled near a screen), or the slow dawning name recognition held within an “Oh yeeaaaah” (Confidential to Author X: We’re still tentative for this event, but when we get confirmed…). 

While a lot of events for this upcoming year are still in the air, a lot of them are nailed down and ready to go.  For you events fanatics (of which I hope there are droves), here’s a picture that might elicit a squee of your very own. 

These aren’t randomly chosen books, they’re an assortment of galleys and finished books that have only one thing in common: these authors are coming to Brookline Booksmith within the next few months.  I haven’t even started publicizing most of these people yet, but … Confidential to you: We have a super-public google calendar ( that is full of our confirmed events.  Look at it, salivate, and know that you’re going to be near some pretty fantastic authors.  While you’re at it, subscribe to our B-Mail newsletter so you’ll be updated with everything that’s happening here.

If you must must know more, ask in the comments field!

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