Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Strange Objects

As I was walking around today holding a host of candles in my arms, two of my fellow booksellers looked at me oddly and asked what I was doing.

"It's for the event on Saturday." I said, thinking it was enough of an explanation.

Blank faces looked back at me.  I tried again. "Ian Svenonius, of Chain and the Gang?  DJ?  Seance?  Saturday night?"

"Ohhhhhh." they replied, and went on with their lives.


It's funny how many times I'm seen with the strangest items in my arms.  Sunday night, I had a feather in my hair and rolls of "Signed Copy" stickers in my bag as I went to our Bawdy Boston event over at the Regal Beagle.  On Monday, I was crouched in a corner in the UBC, murmuring into a microphone to another bookseller who was in our Card and Gift Room so I could test what the sound was like upstairs.  Oftentimes, I'm carrying a giant foamcore poster for an upcoming author event, or a box of tickets we're about to sell for one of our Coolidge events, or a stack of events flyers, or a boxcutter.  Our events series requires a lot of ingenuity and an assortment of strange objects.

The best strange object, though?

Meet Godfather, the events horse, bestowed upon me by former Booksmith Zoe.  Godfather watches over the galleys on my desk and is supported by an old Brookline Booksmith ruler.  We've talked about Godfather doing an introduction one day, but I don't think any of us are ready for an event of that caliber.

In addition to loving events, Godfather also loves America. 
You might think it's strange that one has an events horse head puppet, but I think he embodies what our events series is: something lovingly given and really cool that can only be held by Brookline Booksmith.

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