Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Where All the Promotional Materials Go to Die

I love promotional materials. I really do. I love posters, pins, stickers, mugs, informational pamphlets, cardboard cutouts, bags, the works. My work space is slowly being overtaken--nay, decorated--by promotional materials.  My coaster is from our Drinking Boston event last month, my mug came from the Main Street Rag Publishing Company, and my walls are plastered with posters from events past. I can be counted on to acquire stickers and pins and then distribute them joyfully throughout the store, very similar to a flower girl tossing petals. If you see a cat sticker or a Snowy Day tattoo on a bookseller, a teacher with an armful of bookmarks, or a child with a full sheet of stickers that seem to have fallen from the heavens, I may have had something to do with it.

One of my favorite posters is from Melville House. After putting this up (and then acquiring a few more for co-workers who wanted one too), I've suffered from the extreme desire to collect them all and recreate this poster in real life. It's more than just a pretty poster, it's a handy way to describe colors ("Yeah, I'm imagining the south-facing wall the color of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia, you know? But The Duel is an option too.").

I've been threatened repeatedly for The Hobbit bag, which currently houses about forty uninflated balloons, streamers, and rolls of tickets (working events=unintentionally collecting a wide assortment of objects). Please do not jump me for this bag. Where else would the balloons go? How would we hold raffles?

Sometimes you need a cat butt in your life.

My absolute favorite?  This sticker from Simon Tofield's upcoming Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos which I have placed in a strategic surprise location. Answering the phone has become 100x more exciting than normal!

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